Battle for the Bizkit Speedball Tournament

This is an open social tournament where everyone is welcome, whether you want to rent kit or have your own. To get the latest information, have a look at the CryWolf Facebook Page.

Next Events:

Still to be determined. We expect at least 2 more speedball socials during 2017, and 3 to 4 in total every year.

Past Events:

12 February 2017 See sections at the bottom for more details and scoreboards.
We will always have some fun at this social event, e.g. drone recordings.

Entry fees:

Will be determined from event to event, but generally really cheap. The event is organised to raise awareness for the field and sponsors.
Prices page for details on other fees like food and drinks.


Will be determined from event to event. We will rarely give cash prizes, but generally services or products from sponsors, e.g. a weekend away at a lodge, paintballs, etc.


Events could be either 3-man or 5-man, or even something else.
Playing rules to be announced on the day.
All cool drinks, alcohol and food to be bought on premises. Support your sponsors.

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We have a wide selection of ice cold drinks, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic to choose from.
Please note that that due to our liquor license regulations, no alcohol is allowed from outside the premises.
Alcohol off course is only sold to persons over the age of 18 years and must be consumed responsibly.

A fully operational kitchen serves the following hot foods: Chips (french fries), Toasted Sandwiches, Cheese griller rolls, Boerewors rolls, Cheeseburgers.
You may also rent a braai if you want to make your own food.

12 February 2017 (Battle for the Bizkit (2017 Event 1):


CryWolf Paintball and Laser Tag, Magma Paintballs, Paintballshop Centurion, Thaba Lenaka, Luiperskloof Trout Lodge

Noteworthy happenings:

Magma Paintballs launced their Inferno brand of tournament paintballs which was received well.
We had a drone that took footage, which made for really cools videos. These are available on the CryWolf Facebook Page.


RankTeam Name
2Tribal Warriors
3Paintball Junkies
4Demolition Squad
5Warrior Monkeys
6 (shared)Delta Squad
6 (shared)Tipsy Penguins
7Mask Breathers

Other prizes:

Spirit of the day: Martin (FT12 balls)
Kamakazi of the day: Anthony (drop and run)
Player of the day: Jhon Jhon
Move of the day: Joker