Sunday Showdown Tournament

This is an open tournament where everyone is welcome, whether you want to rent kit or have your own. To get the latest information, have a look at the CryWolf Facebook Page.

Next Tournament:

Still to be determined. We’ve been keeping ouselves busy with some other exciting things. Last event was Sunday, 30 November 2014. In some form or another we will have one or more bushball events at CryWolf every year.

Entry fees:

Will be detemrined from event to event.
href=””>Prices page for details on other fees.

Prize money:

Will be detemrined from event to event.


Minimum of 10 teams required. Maximum of 30 teams allowed on a first come first serve basis. 5 Players per team (5-man). Reserve players allowed which can be switched out after every game.


Vietnam (100mx40m), Village (60mx40m), Maze (60mx40m), Blitzkrieg (60mx40m), Swat House (60mx40m). More details on the fields are available on the Fields page.


Team elimination: The object is to eliminate all players of the opposing team. The game is not timed.

Capture the flag: The objective is to capture the flag of the opposing team and bring it back to your base (to the nets at the back). First team to return opposing team’s flag wins the game. Alternatively, all players of the opposing team can be eliminated for a win as well. If a flag carrier is shot, the flag is dropped at the spot of impact.

Bomb defusing: One team are terrorists and the other counter-terrorists. A coin flip determines which is which. The terrorists’ objective is to plant the bomb in a designated bomb zone and set the timer. If the timer then runs out, the terrorists win. The counter-terrorists’ objective is to defuse the bomb that was planted before the timer runs out. Alternatively, eliminate all the players of the opposing team for a win. The only time this does not matter is if the terrorists have already planted the bomb, in which case the counter-terrorists must still defuse the bomb.

Hits that count:

Hits anywhere on the marker, as well as anywhere on the body, arms or legs count. The paintball must burst on impact otherwise the hit does not count.

The proceedings:

Every team will play the same number of games. But every team will not necessarily play against all the other teams. This depends on the number of teams that play. For every match, a team is randomly paired with another team and will play a random game on a random field. Teams will be allowed some time for resting, gear checking, reloading, etc.


Markers and triggers: All markers are allowed. Mechanical and electronic triggers are allowed. One trigger pull and release may only result in a single shot. This means no automatic settings, ramping, burst modes or similar. Response trigger are not allowed, but if it can be disabled, this is allowed. The limit for electronic triggers are set at 8 bps, in other words a forced maximum setting must be applied.


Maximum 300 fps (all 5 shots in a row must be less than 300fps to be allowed). Before every match, all markers have to be tested. If this is refused, the team will be disqualified.


Only the marker’s hopper filled with paintballs is allowed per match per player. No pods or other containers may enter the field.


Any player or team caught cheating will be disqualified from the rest of the day’s tournament. They will forfeit their entry fees. If they are disqualified before a match is complete, the opposing team will get a win. We will adjust the game schedule to accommodate the fewer number of teams.


Win = 3 points, draw = 1 point, loss = 0 points. We will show scores during the day. Scores will also be uploaded to Facebook.

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We have a wide selection of ice cold drinks, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic to choose from.
Please note that that due to our liquor license regulations, no alcohol is allowed from outside the premises.
Alcohol off course is only sold to persons over the age of 18 years and must be consumed responsibly.

A fully operational kitchen serves the following hot foods: Chips (french fries), Toasted Sandwiches, Cheese griller rolls, Boerewors rolls, Cheesburgers.
You may also rent a braai if you want to make your own food.