Action Cameras at CryWolf

Action Cameras available at CryWolf

You had a great streak, taking out four opponents in 30 seconds…but no one believes it was you. Well, you can now immortalize your paintball or laser tag game by recording every bit of the action with a personal Drift HD Ghost Action Camera. You will be the Hero as they stand in awe when you show them the footage of your streak. These are now available for rental at CryWolf!

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So here’s what you’ll get when you take the Action Camera Upgrade:

  • A special white mask with two options for mounting the Drift HD Ghost action camera (one on the side and one on top)
  • One Drift HD Ghost Action camera, and one remote
  • We assist you in mounting the camera and the remote is worn on your wrist
  • With the remote, you can now easily start recording and stop recording your footage
  • Footage will be recorded in 1080p (High Definition) at 30 frames per second, with a viewing angle of 170 degrees.
  • When you are done, we will burn all your footage to a DVD, so you have it forever. You can even upload it to YouTube


And that’s pretty much it…simple.

We have a a limited number of HD Action CamerasĀ available, so be sure to ask for this on your arrival. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the availability of the cameras as other players may be using it at the time.

You can check prices on the CryWolf prices page.

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