Paintball Fields

Paintball Fields

A selection of the best paintball fields in Gauteng has a home at CryWolf. Below is a summary of the features of each paintball field with a picture of each. If you want a better feel, have a look at the paintball photos or paintball videos on our gallery page.

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Summary: Large natural bush.
Size: 100m x 40m = 4000 square m
Players: 10 – 60

Its main unique features are the abundance of natural cover including grass, trees and shrubs. It will be difficult to see far ahead and players often move close past each other. The main tactic here is to stay invisible. Camo clothing will certainly aid you in doing this. Even though it’s really simple, this is one of our favourite paintball fields.


Summary: Urban warfare.
Size: 100m x 60m = 2400 square m
Players: 6 – 40<

The main unique features are the various shacks, as well as the camps for these shacks that make for interesting tactics. In the centre there is a huge open area and owning it will almost surely mean that your team wins the game. Getting it though is a challenge in itself. When we built this paintball field, we knew it would be a hit with lots of players, and it turned out exactly like that.


Summary: Use your sense of hearing and direction.
Size: 60m x 40m = 2400 square m
Players: 6 – 25

The main unique feature is the countless corridors and hiding places created by the maze. As we do not want players to get frustrated, there are no dead ends in Maze. This is not a paintball field you will find anywhere else – definitely unique.


Summary: Seriously quick games.
Size: 60m x 40m = 2400 square m
Players: 6 – 20

Drums, tyres and make-shift covers offer little protection in the field. There are lots of open lines though, so move quickly and stick with a team mate! This experience on this paintball field is similar to speedball.

Swat House

Summary: One hostage… one hero.
Size: 60m x 40m = 2400 square m
Players: 4 – 20

A complete house with various rooms and entrances. The main hall would likely have the hostage. This is close quarter combat at its best. This paintball field is ideally suited to games with a hostage or a VIP.

Speedball Fields

Summary: Two standard sized competition specification speedball fields
Size: 3-man (36m x 28m) 5-man (46m x 36m)
Players: 4 – 15

By popular demand, we will host speedball at CryWolf. Therefore, there is no need to drive large distances to play your favourite form of the game. Flat surface, grass covered, firm but safe for diving like a champ. This completes our selection of paintball fields. Wow, hey!

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