Laser Tag Basics

Quick intro

Laser tag is rapidly growing in popularity all over the world. Advances in technology have freed the game from the confines of dark and cramped indoor arenas resembling futuristic space stations, and placed it alongside of what was previously the domain of paintball and airsoft.

In fact, laser tag resembles paintball but without any paintballs flying around.

This attribute makes the game very safe and ideal for younger would-be paintballers, as well as the not so brave. It also allows mom and dad to follow the action from amidst the heat of the battle (from where they can take awesome close-up pictures or video!)

Nowadays there are many styles of the sport, but all-and-all laser tag is a fun confidence boosting activity, which reinforces team interactions and skills.

The guns

Guns used to play laser tag are called “taggers”. This is the laser tag equivalent to the paintball “marker”. Modern taggers have distinct advantages in range, scoring accuracy and anti-cheat features, all built into the system. We use an advanced tagger known built on a Tippmann 98 Custom marker converted to a permanent infrared transmitter and receiver. It is compact, hassle free, durable and safe. It looks and feels like a real modern day combat gun, not the funny looking futuristic type.

What! No lasers?

Strangely enough, lasers are not used in laser tag, making it an eye safe activity. The original use of the term “laser” was purely a marketing term to make the game sound high tech. The light beam that is emitted from the tagger is in fact the same infrared generated beam found in TV remotes, completely harmless and invisible to the naked eye.

The combat zone

The type of land needed for outdoor laser tag is varied and ranges from open fields to wooded/forested areas. In wooded areas the natural flora and terrain provides cover and concealment, and the games tend to be more stealth-like in nature and require a larger area. In open fields portable barriers are placed to provide cover. When played in a smaller area the games tend to be of a faster pace and a shorter duration.

Games can also be played in an urban setting, using buildings and a variety of props for cover.

At CryWolf, the same uniquely designed fields used for paintball, is also available for the laser tag games. This is unlike anything out there at the moment.

How does the game actually work?

When your tagger is fired, an invisible infrared beam is emitted from the barrel. Your target is the receiver on your opponent’s gun. When you aim accurately and “hit” an opponent a light and a beep-beep-beep will tell him/her that he/she has been hit. A single beep from your gun will tell you that you were on target.

Real time statistics are visible on each gun, giving you up to date information on your remaining health, your remaining ammunition, your hits scoured and time left in the round.

Laser tag incorporates all the fun features of a virtual first person shooter with real life action. The game parameters can be configured to set up different game scenarios and missions, resembling your favourite computer games and action movies.
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