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Each session will include basic training, including safety aspects, for the first 5-10 minutes. A maximum of 5 archers can shoot at the same time. This could be limited further considering ages and safety aspects. Larger groups are just sub-divided and take turns. A minimum of 2 archers are required per group.

DescriptionPrice per person
First 5 archers, for a 1-hour sessionR 100
Additional archers, for the same sessionR 50

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Laser Tag

We include everything you need: a tagger (gun), an overall (if you want to) & a marshal. A maximum of 18 players can play at the same time. A minimum of 4 players are required per group. For more information, view the Laser Tag page.

DescriptionPrice per person
For a 1-hour sessionR 175

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Paintball: Packages

All packages include everything you need for a single session of play: a marker (gun), paintballs, a mask, a neck protector, an overall, unlimited air, unlimited field usage & a marshal. A minimum of 4 players are required per group. For more information, view the Paintball page.

ItemGun inclPaintballs inclPrice per person
Standard 200 PackageTippmann FT-12200R 200
Standard 500 PackageTippmann FT-12500R 300

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Paintball: Other

Players with their own kits are welcome. Every marker must fire below 300 fps – this is the limit on our fields. We have chrono available. Only paintballs that are environmentally safe (100% biodegradable) are permitted.

Range fees plus unlimited airR 50
Corkage (per box of paintballs or less)R 30
Corkage (per team no paint limit)R 300
CO2 per Ounce (Oz)R 2

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Paintball: Extra Paintballs

You are always welcome to purchase extra paintballs, even if you make use of our packages. In this case, no additional charges will apply for the use of markers (guns), fields or marshals. Please note that no outside paintballs are allowed in our rental markers (guns).

Amount of paintballsPrice
# 100R 60
# 200R 100
# 500R 200
# 1000R 350
# 2000 (A box)R 600

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Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

A realistic feeling over-and-under shotgun will be provided, as well as a marshal. We can do 5 people at the same time. For more information, view the Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting page.

DescriptionPrice per person
10 ClaysR 30
20 ClaysR 50
30 ClaysR 65
50 ClaysR 100

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Please note that no drinks whether alcoholic or not are allowed from outside. It is very important that you inform your guests about this rule. We do not stock wine. For special drink requests please order 2 weeks in advance.

Water (500 ml)R 10
Cold Drinks and Fruit JuicesR 12 to R 18
Energy Drinks (Play/Monster)R 25
Alcoholic Drinks (beers, ciders, mixes, ...)Various

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Food and Snacks

The kitchen is currently only open on Saturdays and Sundays. If you would like to order food from the kitchen on other days, we may consider a special arrangement by request.

Boerewors RollsR 35
HotdogR 20
Rent-a-braai *includes braaier, wood/charcoal, firelighters and cleanup 🙂 Please bring your own utensils.R 100
Simba chips, chocolates and sweetsVarious
Ice creamVarious
Party packsR 50

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We have specials for groups of more than 30 players. Be sure to ask about this when you book.
We have limited equipment of certain types and therefore cannot guarantee that everything will be available.
All prices quoted include VAT and are subject to change without notice.